our vision

Creative Crow Collective was birthed out of a desire to remain in communication with the incredible souls I have come into contact with over the course of my life in a way more tangible than a quick hello text or “how are you?” FaceTime. For me, my artistic endeavors, social justice and healing work deeply express who I am. I have found that viewing someone else’s art or witnessing a snapshot of their work brings me closer to their soul. Over the past five year in particular, I have been profoundly touched by hundreds of people–– touched in a way where our souls jump out of our bodies when we realize that the other too is painfully aware of the sickness eating away at our planet and the confusion and strife of the beings that inhabit her. I feel a certain intimacy with those souls that not only want to create change but feel a burning in their blood, like a wave is rising, a shift is about to occur, we’re on the brink of big change, skin itching with anticipation, yet something holds us back.

This collective is for all of you–– the visionaries I have crossed paths with across continents and seas and those I have known for years. It unites us as artists, healers, and activists–– all three of which I identify myself as. 

To me, an artist is anyone who expresses the inner workings of their soul through a particular craft or crafts (music, writing, blacksmithing, woodworking, salve-making, et cetera).

A healer is committed to working through their own energetic patterns to find grace, stability, and freedom in their own life while guiding others through a similar process.

An activist advocates for the rights and livelihood of disenfranchised communities through protesting, speaking, educating, and any number of other creative methods.

In essence, these three labels encompass almost anyone who walks this plane with the belief, however clear or cloudy, in a future of warmth, abundance, connection, and truth, and is committed to making it happen. In my experience as a part of these three circles, I have noticed a lot of misunderstanding between them and a tendency to view each as mutually exclusive to the other.

The division between some healing communities and social activist communities can be particularly strong in the U.S. because this country was founded upon an act of erasure–– initial colonization and the massacre of indigenous peoples. In many predominantly white new-age spiritual communities, there is a shared understanding of “oneness” but a lack of discourse on/collective action around working from a PLACE of oneness on this plane of extreme separateness. Dialogue exclusively around “oneness” can unintentionally reek of invalidating the struggles of systematically oppressed individuals and groups. While I firmly believe that we are all parts of a collective consciousness, I also believe that we must remain present in the very real suffering on this earth if we hope to transcend it.

This is just one example of the contradictions present between communities that have a common goal of bettering the conditions of the planet and beings that inhabit her but different ways of getting there. But in the apparent contradictions is where the heart of this work lies.

In fact, the concept of contradiction is central to Creative Crow Collective’s mission. Here we seek to bring forth these apparent contradictions between communities instead of shying away from them. Let’s go straight to that icky sticky uncomfortable place where some part of us may feel restricted because we’re red-hot angry but we don’t want to offend but we desperately want to speak our truth. That space won’t disappear on its own.

This is, in essence, why I have created this collective: to showcase the work of individuals who have a shared idea that things aren’t right but different means of arriving at a place of peace. We are all students, and I hope to humble myself, listen, and learn from the work of my peers. This a space to call each other in if someone’s work reflects something that doesn’t vibe with us. It doesn’t mean that person is intrinsically flawed or that they must alter their work, but rather that we are learning how to listen to each others’ realities and create dialogue from a place of love. The artist, activist, and healing communities are not mutually exclusive but rather synergistic–– each is far stronger working in conjunction with the other.

Why Crows?

Found on every single continent, crows are a super intelligent, adaptable, and innovative species that in many ways parallel humans. The crow symbolizes the mystery of creation, determination, courage, and personal transformation, and is often understood as a medium between worlds. Every member of this collective is a crow courageously tending to their respective sphere of soul work, walking their personal path of transformation. We are the mediums between the old world in which we are living and the new world that is aching to be birthed.

Creative Crow Collective is a digital space to remind each other that we are not alone on this path of social, personal, artistic, spiritual, political, environmental, et cetera work that can often feel SO DAMN ISOLATING. The collective is not a separate commitment but rather a network seeking to supports light-workers on their journeys of learning to live their truths. The collective features work of its members on this website and connects those who are physically in the same geographic location, or those who do similar work/would benefit from the other’s work.

The words here speak Creative Crow Collective’s vision as of the beginning of 2019, while understanding that the collective’s format and purpose has the freedom to fluctuate in accordance with the flow of the world and the work of its members.

Let this collective serve as a constant reminder that our individual stories serve a shared purpose.

In light, in darkness, and in love,